YSI 500 Series

Every Probe traceable to NIST and compatible with 4600 series Thermometer. Due to the small size of the thermistor temperature sensor prevents use of the patented process for probe interchangeability. Therefore a chart is supplied with each probe for the conversion of indicated temperature to actual temperature. The 500 series are ideal for Laboratory and Research applications where size and rapid response is required.


YSI 552

YSI 552

22 Gauge Hypodermic Temperature Probe

$605.00 ex GST

552 Data Sheet

YSI 555

0.7mm Flexible Catheter Probe $534.00 ex GST

555 Data Sheet

YSI551 Probe

YSI 551

20 Gauge Hypodermic Temperature Probe

Long term subcutaneous, intramuscular & intravenous measurement

Time Constant: 0.2 sec

Stainless Steel

$534.00 ex GST

551 Data Sheet

YSI 554 Probe

YSI 554

  • 1.0mm Flexible Catheter Probe

$473.00 Ex GST

554 Data Sheet