Humidity Sensors

Humidity Sensors

Extensive range of Digital and Analog RH Sensors using capacitive technology. Offering digital outputs including I²C and analog voltage and proprietary output signals including PWM, PDM and LIN


HTU21D Humidity

HTU21D Humidity

Digital RH and NTC Temperature Sensor

0~100% RH, -40°C~+125°C                 Applications: Sleep Apnea, Humidifiers, Ventilators

Fast Response

±3%RH @25°C(10 ~95%RH)

±0.3°C @25°C

I²C, PWMand SDM Interface

Data Sheet: HTU21D


Digital Humidity Sensor

RH and Temperature plug and play transducers

Fully Interchangeable

RH calibrated ±3% RH@55%RH                     Applications: Ventilators

Temperature tolerance ±0.3°C

Reliability not affected by condensation

Also available with linear output voltage

Data Sheet:HTG3500




Analog Probe RH and Temperature

0~100% RH                                                    Applications: Paedeatric Incubators

±3%RH@55%, Temp ±0.25°C@25°C

Electronics fully protected with potting material



Data Sheet:HTM25X0LF