Body Pressure Mapping

Body Pressure Mapping

Body Pressure MappingAssists health professionals to assist  in monitoring high pressure points to prevent ulcers. Innovative technology enables a colored graphic to view high pressure areas while the patient is in a bed or wheelchair. Over 1,000 pressure sensors are screen printed onto a durable film to produce a cost effective system. Along with software to ensure coverage across the platform. Utilizing blue tooth and USB communications to provide graphics to your smart phone, tablet or laptop gives you a real time visual tool.









Bed Systems




The Body Mapping Mattress is designed to measure pressure distribution and magnitude between the body and mattress or any other contacting surface. Pressure is a key consideration for any product that requires prolonged body contact. Our BPM System is the most economical, scientific and user -friendly system for Surface Pressure Mapping available today





 Seating Pad

Seat Mapping SystemThe BPM Seating Pad S-256 Sensor System delivers real-time Surface Pressure Distribution between a person and their seating surface, back and head rest simultaneously. The BPM Seating Pad then assimilates the data collected into our powerful Windows based software providing you with everything from pressure maps to detailed statistically analysis. In the design of seating surfaces, position, density and conformity of materials is critical. The BPM Seating Pad not only reduces the number of test iterations required, but is a revolutionary design aid towards the quest of ergonomic fit. Sensor Medical works closely with each individual client to tailor a system for your particular needs.






 Wheelchair Pressure Mapping 1.9

Seat Pad 1.9The objective of this project was the development of the seat mat, a white label product based on the seating map b1.8, to be applied for a wheelchair to assist in the prevention of ulcers as the main vertical application.

The purpose of the seat mat is to deliver qualitative raw data (from Pressure Maps) to recognise high quality magnitudes by using latest data analytics delivering data for tracking postural analysis, detecting hotspots and recommending repositioning.

A smart wheelchair pad connected to a smartphone that monitors the users and gives them recommends actions to take to prevent pressure ulcers from developing.


Screenshot-2021-07-02-at-14.47.12-e1625230794923A simple architecture that yields great results

Sync pad to the app and your all set



 Equine EQ01 System

EquineThe BPM Equine EQ01 gives the rider a way of correcting posture whilst riding and also gives the horse data to the rider scientifically if any signs of pressure are present

The system can be used under the saddle on a horse to pick up signs of high pressure. The system can be connected via bluetooth to a mobile phone whilst the rider is on the horse or via a USB cable The BPM Equine system can be used on training systems such as the joy ride

The Equine EQ01 is a waterproof system incorporating a sensor matrix of 45cmx45cm





What is included in the Mattress Mat Development Kit?

With the kit you will receive a mattress cover for 90×200 cms beds with an integrated sensor, the electronic units for the modules and a concentrator and a transportation bag

Can I buy the components separately?

The development kits are whole products and are only sold as a set. If you are an Educational Institution or a researcher, contact us and we will send you our Sensing Mat Outlet List

The size of the mat does not fit my needs, can I order a different size of Sensing Mat?

We can customize almost every feature of the Sensing Mats: size,number of sensors, resolutions, color, textile lamination, electronic unit, etc. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of customization is significantly higher than that of the Development Kit as we need to do the setup and tooling just for you

Do you provide ant Developer Guide?

Yes after the delivery of your order you will receive in your email a link to a folder with a Developer Guide, API’s, software and all the necessary information to program your application.

I have a clear idea of the end application. I want to develop but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

The cost of the Development Kit includes our technical support and guidance throughout the whole process of the testing platform. We will help you to define the specifications before moving to the prototyping phase in order to ensure the success of this stage

Is the software included in the Kit?

Together with the Development Kit we provide Demo Software to display the pressure maps measure by the Sensing Mat. The software is included to the Dropbox folder that is sent to your email after the delivery of your order

How is the data from the pressure maps exported?

The data from the pressure maps is exported in CSV format, which can be opened in Excel, our own Demo Software or any program that allows to open this kind of files. Ultimately, these files are the input to develop your own applications and detect the needed patterns