Piezo Sensors

Offered in 4 variants                                                                                              White Paper: Medical applications

  • Silver ink screen printed electrodes
  • Lamination for higher voltage output when bending
  • Flexible Leads
  • Shielded Sensors

Piezo applications in the medical field include Electronic stethoscope, Ultrasound imaging, Respiration rates, Heart pacemaker, Hospital bed vital signs, Anesthesia delivery and Wearable devices

DT Series


Piezo Sensor DT 01

DT  Series

Rectangular  film elements with Leads

Various sizes and thickness                                Applications: Detect Patient movement

Produces more than 10 millivolts per micro-strain                      Hospital bed patient detection

28 AWG wires attached by rivets

Urethane coating to prevent oxidation


Data Sheet:DT_Series

 FDT Series

Piezo Sensor FDT

FDT Sensor

Rectangular  film elements with flexible leads

Very flat flexible leads

Available in different sizes                                         Applications: Motion Detection, Wake up switch

Available with mylar laminate to one side

Available with adhesive to one side

Connector pins can be soldered directly to a PCB

Data Sheet:FDT_Series