Product Features

Humidity Sensors

Offering digital outputs including I²C and analog voltage and proprietary output signals including PWM, PDM and LIN


Full range of Thermistor Temperature Sensors for all sensing applications for Medical applications


Patient Monitoring

Probes, Sensors and Patient monitoring tools.

Precision Thermometer

Handheld 4600 Series Precision Thermometer takes meteorology-level temperature measurement to the laboratory, the manufacturing floor and the field, at an affordable price

Laboratory Probes

Every Probe traceable to NIST and compatible with 4600 series Thermometer.


Piezo applications in the medical field include Electronic stethoscope, Ultrasound imaging, Respiration rates, Heart pacemaker, Hospital bed vital signs, Anesthesia delivery and Wearable devices.


Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors for non invasive bubble detection and level detection and non invasive liquid level detection. Ideal for detecting bubbles in infusion and transfusion lines.



Pressure sensors are widely used in medical applications, from monitoring patient blood pressure to ventilator flows.

Body Pressure Mapping

Assists health professionals to assist  in monitoring high pressure points to prevent ulcers. Innovative technology enables a colored graphic to view high pressure areas while the patient is in a bed or wheelchair.


Sensors for all types of Medical usage.


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