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Radar Sensors

Radar Sensors A new range of Radar Sensors for medical applications have recently been developed and we are now evaluating new markets for these unique radar sensors. Primarily we are focusing on medical applications. These include infant monitoring, aged care...

Body Pressure Mapping

Body Pressure Mapping systems from Medical Sensors Australia is an innovative system to help health professionals to alleviate the problem of pressure ulcers in long term patients who are restricted to their beds. The thin film sensor pad is simply laid on top of the...

Medical Thermistors

Medical Thermistors Offers device manufacturers the accuracy and reliability that is essential for patient health. Offering resistance tolerances to ±0.05°C. Specially selection processes to have tight tolerance around the critical human temperature of 37° C. Using...

PTH Sensor

New from TE Sensors, an all in one Pressure, Temperature and Humidity digital sensor.