Precision Thermometer



Precision Thermometer

Precision Thermometer



Handheld 4600 Series Precision Thermometer take meteorology-level temperature measurement to the laboratory, the manufacturing floor and the field, at an affordable price. Thermal Components offers two versions of the thermometer. Both versions include the following features

  • Resolution to 0.01°C
  • RS232 Port
  • NIST Traceability
  • °F or °C
  • Hold, min/max, ΔT, Store facility



A precision thermometer for use with standard 400 Series Probes over the wide range -40 to +150°C. Ideal for applications requiring high system accuracy and application flexibility, the instrument offers high accuracy, ±0.015°C from 0 to 50°C; system accuracy is ±0.115°C with over 20 styles of 400 Series Probes – Stainless Steel tubular – Air/Gas – Vinyl tip – Catheter

Use the 4600 for Gas and Air, Liquids, Semi-solids & Solids

System Accuracy  with 400 Series Probes

±0.350°C at -40°C

±0.115°C from 0 to 50°C

±0.125°C at 70°C

±0.275°C at 100°C

±0.720°C at 150°C

 4610 High Accuracy

Specifically designed for applications in which high accuracy and interchangeability  are required across the Biomedical temperature range. Also used for any other applications requiring high sensitivity over a temperature range of 0 to 70°C. System accuracy is ±0.05°C from 20 to 50°C with two special probes  – a small diameter, stainless-steel probe, and vinyl tip general-purpose probe.

Use the 4610 for Biomedical, Analytical instrument calibration, Process validation

System Accuracy with 4610 Series Probes

±0.05°C from 20 to 50°C

±0.1°C at 0°C

±0.1°C at 70°C

 4600 Series Probes

401  Vinyl Tip General- Purpose Probe

402 Small Vinyl Tip General-Purpose Probe

403 Stainless Steel Tubular Probes

404 Glass Tubular Probe

406 Small Stainless Steel Tubular Probe

410 Tubular Probe with NPT Fitting

416 Autoclaveable Tubular Probe

408 Banjo Surface Probe

409A High Temperature Surface Probe

409B Surface Probe

421 Autoclaveable Surface Probe

427 Small Surface Probe

405 Air/Gas Probe

451 1mm Flexible General-Purpose Probe


`4610 Series Probes

4611 1mm Flexible General-Purpose Probe

4612 Small Flexible General-Purpose Probe