sensors are widely used in medical applications, from monitoring patient blood pressure to ventilator flows. Senors are available with Digital and analog outputs. Our sensors meet the rigorous demands of a wide range of medical and healthcare applications with approvals such as FDA and ISO13485 and AAMI

 Disposable 1620


Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors 1620

Disposable Blood   Sensor

Calibrated as per AAMI Specification          Applications: Dialysis Machines, Disposable Blood Sensor

Solid State Piezoresistive type                                                         Infusion Pumps

Low cost


1620 Data Sheet

 Disposable 1630



Intrauterine  Sensor

Dielectric Gel Barrier for liquids                     Applications: Intrauterine Sensors, Vacuum Assisted birth

1% Accuracy,for replacement                                                         Surgical Procedures, Infusion Pumps

Operates 5°C to +45°C

AAMI Specifications

5.0υV/V/mmHg Sensitivity

1630 Data Sheet

 1200 Series


1200 Series

1200 Series

0~100mV, Current/Voltage excitation

Dual in- Line Package                                   Applications: Sleep Apnea, Respirators/Ventilators

1%Interchangeable Span                                                              Medical Instruments

Solid State Reliabilty

Wide Compensated Range


1200_Series Data Sheet