Seat Pressure Mapping


Screenshot-2021-07-02-at-15.22.00-e1625232246494Did you know between 1% and 1.5% of the population worldwide is wheelchair bound, and because of the ageing population this is expected to grow.

MSA is excited to offer the new version 1.9 of the seat pressure mapping system which helps in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Easy to use download the App to your smartphone and sync with the Seat pad.

The Seat Pressure Mapping 1.9 has made it affordable for users to monitor their posture to assist in the prevention of Pressure ulcers



Screenshot-2021-07-02-at-14.47.12-e1625230794923The 1.9 version now uses the smart software to instruct the user when they have high pressure points and when they need to change their posture

Available in September 2021